# Interface: RenderTextOpts

# Properties

# backdrop

Optional backdrop: BackdropOptions

Dimensions for drawing the label backdrop

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1459 (opens new window)

# color

Optional color: Color

The fill color of the text. If unset, the existing fillStyle property of the canvas is unchanged.

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1398 (opens new window)

# decorationWidth

Optional decorationWidth: number

The width of the strikethrough / underline



# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1404 (opens new window)

# maxWidth

Optional maxWidth: number

The max width of the text in pixels

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1409 (opens new window)

# rotation

Optional rotation: number

A rotation to be applied to the canvas This is applied after the translation is applied

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1415 (opens new window)

# strikethrough

Optional strikethrough: boolean

Apply a strikethrough effect to the text

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1420 (opens new window)

# strokeColor

Optional strokeColor: Color

The color of the text stroke. If unset, the existing strokeStyle property of the context is unchanged

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1426 (opens new window)

# strokeWidth

Optional strokeWidth: number

The text stroke width. If unset, the existing lineWidth property of the context is unchanged

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1432 (opens new window)

# textAlign

Optional textAlign: CanvasTextAlign

The text alignment to use. If unset, the existing textAlign property of the context is unchanged

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1438 (opens new window)

# textBaseline

Optional textBaseline: CanvasTextBaseline

The text baseline to use. If unset, the existing textBaseline property of the context is unchanged

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1444 (opens new window)

# translation

Optional translation: [number, number]

If specified, a translation to apply to the context

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1449 (opens new window)

# underline

Optional underline: boolean

Underline the text

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1454 (opens new window)