# Interface: CoreInteractionOptions

# Hierarchy

# Properties

# axis

axis: "x" | "y" | "xy" | "r"

Can be set to 'x', 'y', 'xy' or 'r' to define which directions are used in calculating distances. Defaults to 'x' for 'index' mode and 'xy' in dataset and 'nearest' modes.

# Defined in

index.esm.d.ts:1413 (opens new window)

# intersect

intersect: boolean

if true, the hover mode only applies when the mouse position intersects an item on the chart.

default true

# Defined in

index.esm.d.ts:1408 (opens new window)

# mode

mode: keyof InteractionModeMap

Sets which elements appear in the tooltip. See Interaction Modes for details.

default 'nearest'

# Defined in

index.esm.d.ts:1403 (opens new window)