# Interface: LineOptions

# Hierarchy

# Properties

# backgroundColor

backgroundColor: Color

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types/index.d.ts:1807 (opens new window)

# borderCapStyle

borderCapStyle: CanvasLineCap

Line cap style. See MDN.



# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1887 (opens new window)

# borderColor

borderColor: Color

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types/index.d.ts:1806 (opens new window)

# borderDash

borderDash: number[]

Line dash. See MDN.



# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1892 (opens new window)

# borderDashOffset

borderDashOffset: number

Line dash offset. See MDN.



# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1897 (opens new window)

# borderJoinStyle

borderJoinStyle: CanvasLineJoin

Line join style. See MDN.



# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1902 (opens new window)

# borderWidth

borderWidth: number

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types/index.d.ts:1805 (opens new window)

# capBezierPoints

capBezierPoints: boolean

true to keep Bézier control inside the chart, false for no restriction.



# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1907 (opens new window)

# cubicInterpolationMode

cubicInterpolationMode: "default" | "monotone"

Interpolation mode to apply.



# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1912 (opens new window)

# fill

fill: FillTarget | ComplexFillTarget

Both line and radar charts support a fill option on the dataset object which can be used to create area between two datasets or a dataset and a boundary, i.e. the scale origin, start or end

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1926 (opens new window)

# segment

segment: Object

# Type declaration

Name Type
backgroundColor Scriptable<Color, ScriptableLineSegmentContext>
borderCapStyle Scriptable<CanvasLineCap, ScriptableLineSegmentContext>
borderColor Scriptable<Color, ScriptableLineSegmentContext>
borderDash Scriptable<number[], ScriptableLineSegmentContext>
borderDashOffset Scriptable<number, ScriptableLineSegmentContext>
borderJoinStyle Scriptable<CanvasLineJoin, ScriptableLineSegmentContext>
borderWidth Scriptable<number, ScriptableLineSegmentContext>

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1932 (opens new window)

# spanGaps

spanGaps: number | boolean

If true, lines will be drawn between points with no or null data. If false, points with NaN data will create a break in the line. Can also be a number specifying the maximum gap length to span. The unit of the value depends on the scale used.

# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1930 (opens new window)

# stepped

stepped: boolean | "middle" | "after" | "before"

true to show the line as a stepped line (tension will be ignored).



# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1922 (opens new window)

# tension

tension: number

Bézier curve tension (0 for no Bézier curves).



# Defined in

types/index.d.ts:1917 (opens new window)