# 4.x Migration Guide

Chart.js 4.0 introduces a number of breaking changes. We tried keeping the amount of breaking changes to a minimum. For some features and bug fixes it was necessary to break backwards compatibility, but we aimed to do so only when worth the benefit.

# End user migration

# Charts

  • Charts don't override the default tooltip callbacks, so all chart types have the same-looking tooltips.
  • Default scale override has been removed if the configured scale starts with x/y. Defining xAxes in your config will now create a second scale instead of overriding the default x axis.

# Options

A number of changes were made to the configuration options passed to the Chart constructor. Those changes are documented below.

# Specific changes

  • The radialLinear grid indexable and scriptable options don't decrease the index of the specified grid line anymore.
  • The destroy plugin hook has been removed and replaced with afterDestroy.
  • Ticks callback on time scale now receives timestamp instead of a formatted label.
  • scales[id].grid.drawBorder has been renamed to scales[id].border.display.
  • scales[id].grid.borderWidth has been renamed to scales[id].border.width.
  • scales[id].grid.borderColor has been renamed to scales[id].border.color.
  • scales[id].grid.borderDash has been renamed to scales[id].border.dash.
  • scales[id].grid.borderDashOffset has been renamed to scales[id].border.dashOffset.
  • The z index for the border of a scale is now configurable instead of being 1 higher as the grid z index.
  • Linear scales now add and subtracts 5% of the max value to the range if the min and max are the same instead of 1.
  • If the tooltip callback returns undefined, then the default callback will be used.
  • maintainAspectRatio respects container height.
  • Time and timeseries scales use ticks.stepSize instead of time.stepSize, which has been removed.
  • maxTickslimit wont be used for the ticks in autoSkip if the determined max ticks is less then the maxTicksLimit.
  • dist/chart.js has been removed.
  • dist/chart.min.js has been renamed to dist/chart.umd.js.
  • dist/chart.esm.js has been renamed to dist/chart.js.

# Type changes

  • The order of the ChartMeta parameters have been changed from <Element, DatasetElement, Type> to <Type, Element, DatasetElement>.

# General

Last Updated: 5/17/2024, 12:33:38 PM