# Common tick options to all axes

Namespace: options.scales[scaleId].ticks

Name Type Scriptable Default Description
backdropColor Color Yes 'rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.75)' Color of label backdrops.
backdropPadding Padding 2 Padding of label backdrop.
callback function Returns the string representation of the tick value as it should be displayed on the chart. See callback.
display boolean true If true, show tick labels.
color Color Yes Chart.defaults.color Color of ticks.
font Font Yes Chart.defaults.font See Fonts
major object {} Major ticks configuration.
padding number 3 Sets the offset of the tick labels from the axis
showLabelBackdrop boolean Yes true for radial scale, false otherwise If true, draw a background behind the tick labels.
textStrokeColor Color Yes `` The color of the stroke around the text.
textStrokeWidth number Yes 0 Stroke width around the text.
z number 0 z-index of tick layer. Useful when ticks are drawn on chart area. Values <= 0 are drawn under datasets, > 0 on top.
Last Updated: 2/12/2022, 2:48:34 PM