# Interface: TitleOptions

# Properties

# align

align: start | end | center

Alignment of the title.

default 'center'

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:2177 (opens new window)

# color

color: Color

Color of text

see Defaults.color

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:2192 (opens new window)

# display

display: boolean

Is the title shown?

default false

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:2182 (opens new window)

# font

font: FontSpec

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:2193 (opens new window)

# fullSize

fullSize: boolean

Marks that this box should take the full width/height of the canvas (moving other boxes). If set to false, places the box above/beside the chart area

default true

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:2200 (opens new window)

# padding

padding: number | { bottom: number ; top: number }

Adds padding above and below the title text if a single number is specified. It is also possible to change top and bottom padding separately.

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:2204 (opens new window)

# position

position: left | right | bottom | top

Position of title

default 'top'

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:2187 (opens new window)

# text

text: string | string[]

Title text to display. If specified as an array, text is rendered on multiple lines.

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:2208 (opens new window)