# Interface: PolarAreaControllerDatasetOptions

# Hierarchy

# Properties

# angle

angle: number

Arc angle to cover. - for polar only

default circumference / (arc count)

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:328 (opens new window)

# animation

animation: false | AnimationSpec<doughnut> & { onComplete?: (event: AnimationEvent) => void ; onProgress?: (event: AnimationEvent) => void }

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.animation

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:1527 (opens new window)

# animations

animations: AnimationsSpec<doughnut>

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.animations

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:1537 (opens new window)

# backgroundColor

backgroundColor: ScriptableAndArray<Color, ScriptableContext<doughnut>>

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.backgroundColor

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:1582 (opens new window)

# borderAlign

borderAlign: ScriptableAndArray<center | inner, ScriptableContext<doughnut>>

Arc stroke alignment.

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.borderAlign

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:1611 (opens new window)

# borderColor

borderColor: ScriptableAndArray<Color, ScriptableContext<doughnut>>

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.borderColor

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:1581 (opens new window)

# borderWidth

borderWidth: ScriptableAndArray<number, ScriptableContext<doughnut>>

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.borderWidth

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:1580 (opens new window)

# circumference

circumference: number

Sweep to allow arcs to cover.

default 360

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.circumference

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:236 (opens new window)

# clip

clip: number | ChartArea

How to clip relative to chartArea. Positive value allows overflow, negative value clips that many pixels inside chartArea. 0 = clip at chartArea. Clipping can also be configured per side: clip: {left: 5, top: false, right: -2, bottom: 0}

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.clip

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:58 (opens new window)

# hidden

hidden: boolean

Configures the visibility state of the dataset. Set it to true, to hide the dataset from the chart.

default false

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.hidden

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:76 (opens new window)

# hoverBackgroundColor

hoverBackgroundColor: ScriptableAndArray<Color, ScriptableContext<doughnut>>

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.hoverBackgroundColor

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:1588 (opens new window)

# hoverBorderColor

hoverBorderColor: ScriptableAndArray<Color, ScriptableContext<doughnut>>

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.hoverBorderColor

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:1587 (opens new window)

# hoverBorderWidth

hoverBorderWidth: ScriptableAndArray<number, ScriptableContext<doughnut>>

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.hoverBorderWidth

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:1586 (opens new window)

# hoverOffset

hoverOffset: ScriptableAndArray<number, ScriptableContext<doughnut>>

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.hoverOffset

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:1619 (opens new window)

# indexAxis

indexAxis: x | y

The base axis of the chart. 'x' for vertical charts and 'y' for horizontal charts.

default 'x'

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.indexAxis

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:54 (opens new window)

# label

label: string

The label for the dataset which appears in the legend and tooltips.

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.label

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:62 (opens new window)

# normalized

normalized: boolean

Chart.js is fastest if you provide data with indices that are unique, sorted, and consistent across datasets and provide the normalized: true option to let Chart.js know that you have done so.

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.normalized

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:46 (opens new window)

# offset

offset: ScriptableAndArray<number, ScriptableContext<doughnut>>

Arc offset (in pixels).

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.offset

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:1615 (opens new window)

# order

order: number

The drawing order of dataset. Also affects order for stacking, tooltip and legend.

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.order

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:66 (opens new window)

# parsing

parsing: false | { [key: string]: string; }

How to parse the dataset. The parsing can be disabled by specifying parsing: false at chart options or dataset. If parsing is disabled, data must be sorted and in the formats the associated chart type and scales use internally.

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.parsing

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:37 (opens new window)

# rotation

rotation: number

Starting angle to draw this dataset from.

default 0

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.rotation

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:242 (opens new window)

# stack

stack: string

The ID of the group to which this dataset belongs to (when stacked, each group will be a separate stack).

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.stack

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:71 (opens new window)

# transitions

transitions: TransitionsSpec<doughnut>

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.transitions

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:1538 (opens new window)

# weight

weight: number

The relative thickness of the dataset. Providing a value for weight will cause the pie or doughnut dataset to be drawn with a thickness relative to the sum of all the dataset weight values.

default 1

Inherited from: DoughnutControllerDatasetOptions.weight

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:248 (opens new window)