# Interface: DoughnutControllerChartOptions

# Properties

# animation

animation: DoughnutAnimationOptions

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:297 (opens new window)

# circumference

circumference: number

Sweep to allow arcs to cover.

default 360

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:276 (opens new window)

# cutout

cutout: Scriptable<string | number, ScriptableContext<"doughnut">>

The portion of the chart that is cut out of the middle. ('50%' - for doughnut, 0 - for pie) String ending with '%' means percentage, number means pixels.

default 50

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:283 (opens new window)

# radius

radius: Scriptable<string | number, ScriptableContext<"doughnut">>

The outer radius of the chart. String ending with '%' means percentage of maximum radius, number means pixels.

default '100%'

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:289 (opens new window)

# rotation

rotation: number

Starting angle to draw arcs from.

default 0

Defined in: index.esm.d.ts:295 (opens new window)